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Who is Fulcoline USA?

Our company offers technical textiles for a wide variety of applications and requirements for trade, industry and manufacturing.

Who does Fulcoline USA serve?

We specialize in business customers who we supply directly. Our technical textiles are produced individually according to customer requirements.

Where does Fulcoline come from?

The company is based in Allendale, SC 29810 USA. Sales, production and administration are managed from there.

What is special about Fulcoline USA?

Many years of know-how in the field of technical textiles, international experience and requirement competence make us a valuable partner for our customers. Use our knowledge for your textile project. We're here to help.

Our new development: BasaTexxFP

The textile material that meets extreme fire protection requirements

BasaTexxFP is a new textile composite material made from basalt and an elastomer coating. The material has a closed, waterproof, UV and chemically resistant smooth surface. It is flexible, light and can be assembled.

BasaTexxFP meets the requirements of building material class A2-s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1.

Our new development: BasaTexxFP

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June 2022 edition: Technical Textiles – Innovation, Technology, Application

Highest flame resistance of lightweight composite materials based on basalt fibers

Highly flame-resistant materials are an important factor in the modern construction and transportation sector when it comes to safety for humans, animals but also valuable goods. Within a ZIM cooperation project between Fulcoline USA and FILK gGmbH, a flexible, high temperature resistant and relatively lightweight composite material was developed consisting of a basalt-based fabric as reinforcing material and a silicone coating. The material combination of an inorganic textile substrate and an inorganic polymer would lead to the highest possible flame resistance of the composite, which in-turn would bring relevance in using this new developed material to match the criteria of DIN EN ISO 13501-1 class A2-s1 d0 for construction parts and also the regulation FAR/JAR/CS-25.853 App. F Part I-IV for Cargo Compartment Liners.

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